Our Terms & Conditions

Our agreement with you 

1.1 These Terms will apply to any Order we acknowledge from you through the App, including any Order that is changed under passage. Note that unless you acknowledge these Terms (by ticking the acknowledgment box when you set up your record, you won't have the capacity to put in a Request. 

1.2 We may change the Terms every now and then and it is the present variant which will apply to every Order when you put it. We will inform you of changes to the Terms by email. 

1.3 Please read these Terms deliberately and ensure that you comprehend them before putting in a Request. The Terms confine our risk to you in specific circumstances. If you don't mind see below sections. If it's not too much trouble take note of any Orders with an estimation of not exactly £15 will be charged £15 as a base. 

1.4 If you have to get in touch with us whenever around an Order you may do as such as set out in section.

2. Submitting a Request 

2.1 Please guarantee that you check the subtle elements of your Order before submitting it as We won't be at risk to you for any mistakes you make. For instance, please check precisely that you effectively recognize every Item. On the off chance that you believe that you may have committed an error, please reach us as set out in passage 13. We will affirm any progressions to your Order by email. Changes are additionally managed under passage 4. 

2.2 Submission of an Order does not make an agreement between us. The agreement emerges when we send you an email affirming acknowledgment of your Order. The email will incorporate you're charging data. 

2.3 We will allot a request number to every Order and illuminate you of it when We acknowledge the Order. It would be ideal if you cite the request number in all resulting contact with Us. 

2.4 If for any reason we can't satisfy your Order, We will tell you by email.

3. Making changes to the order 

3.1 You may roll out an improvement to an Order whenever before the accumulation time set out in Our email acknowledgment of your Order by reaching our Customer Care at customercare@HeritageDryCleanersUK.com/. 

3.2 With your assent and at our attentiveness, we may roll out an improvement to your Order as a different option for counteracting it in the circumstances set in passage 1 or in the activity of our caution under section 

3.3 Where changes are made to an Order under both of the previous sub-passages we will re-issue the Order affirmation to you by means of email.

4. Cancelation of your order 

4.1 You have the accompanying constrained rights to drop an Order. 

4.2 You may discard your Order in the accompanying circumstances: 

4.2.1 whenever up to two hours before the accumulation time set out in Our email acknowledgment of your Order by means of the App; or 

4.2.2 Whenever before the accumulation time set out in Our email acknowledgment of your Order by reaching our Customer Care at customercare@HeritageDryCleanersUK.com/; or 

4.2.3 After We have gathered your Item(s) on the off chance that We are influenced by an Event Outside Our Control by reaching our Customer Care at customercare@HeritageDryCleanersUK.com/. 

4.3 You recognize that (subject to passage 2.3) once an Item has been gathered from you we have started to give the Services to you and that any privileges of cancelation you may have under the Consumer Contracts Regulations or any proportional law or regulations will be lost.

5. Our rights to scratch off your Order 

5.1 We may scratch off your Order and the agreement in the middle of you and us in the accompanying circumstances: 

5.1.1 As a consequence of an Event outside Our Control; or 

5.1.2 On the off chance that you neglect to make Items accessible for accumulation; or 

5.1.3 on the off chance that we consider that any Item does not relate with the Order, is harmed, has no data about its substance or cleaning directions, or does not fall inside of those Items which we acknowledge (for a full rundown of barred things please allude to HeritageDryCleanersUK.com/FAQ). 

5.2 If we cross out your Order we will reach you by telephone or email and 

5.2.1 Where we have as of now begun chip away at your Order, We won't charge you anything and you won't need to make any installment to Us; 

5.2.2 We will organize to redeliver the Item(s) to you at the first redelivery time or when sensibly conceivable.

6. In the event that there is an issue with the service

6.1 If there is any issue with the Services: 

6.1.1 Please contact our Customer Care by email at customercare@HeritageDryCleanersUK.com/ as definite on the App and let us know when sensibly conceivable; 

6.1.2 In the event that you have an objection about the Services we will manage it as per our Complaints Policy 

You won't need to pay for us to manage your dissension. 

6.2 Complaints ought to be informed to Us inside of 24 hours of redelivery of any Item on the off chance that you trust that We are in break of our commitments under these Terms. 

6.3 As a shopper, you have statutory rights if our Services are not did with sensible expertise and care, or if the materials utilized are broken or not as depicted. Guidance about your legitimate rights is accessible from your nearby Citizens' Advice Bureau or Trading Standards office. Nothing in these Terms will influence these lawful rights.

7. Occasions outside Our Control 

7.1 We won't be subject or in charge of any inability to perform, or postpone in execution of, any of Our commitments under these Terms that is brought on by an Event Outside Our Control. 

7.2 An Event Outside Our Control implies any demonstration or occasion past Our sensible control, or the sensible control of any of our Service Providers including (without impediment) strikes, lock-outs or other mechanical activity by outsiders, common disturbance, riot, intrusion, terrorist assault or danger of terrorist assault, war (whether announced or not) or risk or arrangement for war, fire, blast, tempest, surge, tremor, subsidence, plague or other characteristic calamity, or conclusion or disappointment of open foundation or open or private information transfers systems. 

7.3 If an Event outside Our Control happens that influences the execution of Our commitments under these Terms: 

7.3.1 We will get in touch with you when sensibly conceivable to inform you; and 

7.3.2 Our commitments under these Terms will be suspended and the ideal opportunity for execution of Our commitments will be stretched out for the length of time of the Event Outside Our Control; or 

7.3.3 If your Order is wiped out We will give back your Item(s) to you at no expense to you.

8. How we may utilize your own data 

8.1 We will utilize the individual data you give to us to: 

8.1.1 Give the Services; 

15.1.2 Procedure your installment for such Services; and 

8.1.3 Educate you about comparable items or administrations that we give, unless you show that you don't wish to get such interchanges by tapping the "Unsubscribe" join at the base of any Heritage Dry Cleaners limited time email correspondence. 

8.2 We won't give your own information to any outsider other than any Service Providers

9. Policy for re-cleaning 

9.1 The re-cleaning just applies to individual things which have been cleaned by Heritage Dry Cleaners and the first cleaning ticket must be joined. 

9.2 Please note it is not generally conceivable to evacuate stains. On the off chance that we can't evacuate a stain clients will be educated by ticket which is joined to their things. In this case, we are not ready to offer a complimentary re-clean.

10. Details about us and how to get in touch with us 

10.1 We are an organization located in London, United Kingdom. Our office location is at 9 NORTH ST, LONDON SW4 0HN, UNITED KINGDOM  

10.2 If you have any inquiries or in the event that you have any issues, please get in touch with Us. You can get in touch with us by emailing us at customercare@HeritageDryCleanersUK.com/, or sending a message by means of the App. 

10.3 If you wish to reach Us in composing, or if any section in these Terms obliges you to give Us notice in composing, you can send this to Us by email at customercare@HeritageDryCleanersUK.com/. We will affirm receipt of this by email. On the off chance that we need to reach you or give you see in composing, we will do as such by notice by means of the App or by email to the location you give to us in the Order.